first things first.

today, i opened up my little typewriter. i don’t do that very often, only when i’m starting something new and need a bit of old-fashioned creative juice. the typewriter works every time. i use it when i ought to slow down and type four words per minute instead of sixty. it helps to let my daydreams in.

and there is also a nice story i remembered about how the typewriter came into my life. maybe i will tell it here sometime. i like the things that tell a story.

so this morning, i punched in some words. they didn’t tell much of a story. i noticed a few sticky keys. the ribbon needs replacing. maybe i will get to that. but the daydreams were a nice place to begin.


6 thoughts on “first things first.

  1. The picture of the cat on the stool really attracted my attention. It was interesting and provoked emotion. Work on the placement and lighting of your pictures to attract and retain visitors to your site. Several of the photos are washed out or poor lighting. Your comments are superb. This is a great start.

    • thanks for the feedback, karen. i agree that the placement of the photos could really be better… playing around with size and formatting on the blog! as for the lighting thing, i actually really like the aesthetic of a more washed-out photograph, but want to get so much better at my execution. inspired to take a photography course now! xo

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