the view around here.

here’s what my backyard looks like on a sunny summer afternoon:
not bad, eh?

but this is portland, oregon. it doesn’t always look like this–it can’t. it rains quite a lot. there is patient waiting for a day like this. the waiting makes it sweeter, and the work of tending and readying makes it sweeter still.

yes, there is always more work to do. i like the work. because if i spend a cold rainy day unearthing the deep, frustrating roots of a tree of heaven, i feel my own roots more deeply in this place i’m tending to, and when the sun shines and the garden is healthy, i feel like i’ve earned the pleasure to sit for a minute, and enjoy.

: : : : :

so, hi there. i seem to have started blogging. and, while it’s still sort of coming together in its baby-blog sort of way, i’m pretty sure this is about the work of daily life… an independent daily life, which involves things like mending and making and fixing and patching and hauling rocks around the yard. and getting mad and throwing rocks, sometimes. and working two day jobs to pay for rocks (which are more expensive than one might think), or broken windows (which are cheaper than one might think, if you learn to replace them yourself). and thrifting tricks. and learning lessons the hard way. and sometimes thinking up an idea and making it happen and look pretty at the end. pretty with the stamp of me.

i’ll be writing about projects, mostly, and possibilities. i’ll be writing about how to get better at life as i learn it myself. how the making and the mending and the tending and the work makes us stronger inside. how it’s worth it to do things the slow way. sometimes i will probably beat around the bush. but i hope that maybe i’ll inspire you to bite off more than you think you can chew sometimes, and that you’ll make it happen and look pretty at the end. pretty with the stamp of you.


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