go and find me at the palace.

oh, palace of industry with your secret corners and well-curated vintage treasures, i love you. and i’m so glad you’re just down the block… you and your charming proprietresses are some of my favorite neighbors. i go there to bend an ear, to try on slips and dresses and pretend i’m someone fancy, to fill my belly and all of my senses with goodness.

i have a favor to ask of you: if you find yourself in portland, oregon… if you like to drink things like lavender-infused lemonade or syrah or strong coffee made from beans delivered by cute boys on bicycles. or like to eat your sandwich or your cupcake with a side of dolly parton in your ear. for these and other good purposes, you should get yourself to the palace.

another reason to go there is because you might need a very pretty pillow to round out your cozy little home. a pillow that i made with love and care, in adorable, pristine fabric and linens found at a magic estate sale in the west hills on the first hopeful sunshiney day of the summer. because there’s a fresh crop of lovely waiting there for you, and wouldn’t you like to take a little bit of my heart home and snuggle up to it?



One thought on “go and find me at the palace.

  1. Oh my word, I am blushing! Thank you for being a wonderful friend, neighbor, pillow maker, photographer, & Palace enthusiast. And you can write, too! Folks, what can’t she do? I love it, love it. Don’t stop!

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