cat princess and the pea

we recently adopted a tiny cat named frida. when she came home, she shared her precious dreams with me: lots of food, love, and my very own princess bed, please.

easy enough, right? how could i deny her these simple requests?

except… have you ever attempted to find a nice-looking cat bed? nearly impossible, unless your tastes are, um, different from mine, or your (totally hip, modern) pockets are deep. so i decided to make one.


* vintage pop crate with pretty graphics, found at an estate sale ($5)!

* thrifted down comforter, found at the bins! (the bins is a giant warehouse full of huge rolling carts, stuffed with things that the regular goodwill stores couldn’t or didn’t sell. everything is priced by the pound. a queen-sized down comforter costs somewhere in the ballpark of $2. pure awesomeness.)

* a delicious array of patterned bias tape, purchased at portland’s dreamy bolt fabric boutique. (i must admit this was a bit of a splurge; but i couldn’t resist the polka dots!)

the process was straightforward, albeit time-consuming: i deconstructed the comforter (sort of messy, but a rotary cutter kept flying feathers to a minimum), then reworked it. First, I made a liner just a touch smaller than the box. Then, made an overboard collection of mini-featherbeds to stack inside. i liked the idea of extras so i could change them out with the washing. because a princess still needs herself some tuft for napping when the laundry’s in.

(and just in case inquiring minds are curious.. yes, she uses it, when she’s finished with more pressing issues like chasing that tinsel ball!)



10 thoughts on “cat princess and the pea

    • dear tc– i am so glad we both have cool moms who love us! can your mom open cans of food? that’s way more fun to me than sewing! meow, meow, frida

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