a few things i think i know:

a woman died. she was pretty old. she was married to a judge who subscribed to playboy. he died first. she wore fur coats & cashmere sweaters & silk scarves and read the bible and lived in a modest house with a beautiful view. she sewed her own dresses and starched & ironed her napkins and made christmas cookies. she was a big fan of wallpaper.

these are the facts as i deciphered them. estate sales are a strange and intimate taste of bittersweet.

life is short, and things are things.

there are some napkins on my table.



2 thoughts on “a few things i think i know:

  1. I have a really hard time with estate sales – it’s not even worth it for me because I get in such a strange mood when I do to them.

    Likewise I will hold on to my grandmas old towels forever because the idea of people pawing through them makes me want to die.

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