an easy thing to love.

here’s what my drying rack looked like yesterday afternoon. i didn’t stage this photo. i do seem to have a minor obsession…

words are not coming well for me today, i’m not sure why. but if you’d like to hear some good reasons to love pyrex, someone else has some very apt words on the subject. and lovely photographs!

last weekend i found a gorgeous yellow and gold pyrex casserole dish at a yard sale in my neighborhood. the man selling it told me his name was ken. he seemed tired, and he asked only a dollar for the dish. it looked as if he could really use that dollar. i was reminded of david mcgowan’s amazing photographic essay about the culture of garage sales during these difficult economic times. it is a bit sad to watch, but it is also life-affirming, and if you’re feeling a little melancholy inside of yourself today (i know i am), it might just help you count your blessings.



7 thoughts on “an easy thing to love.

  1. Oh I love those dishes! The colors are so gorgeous and with the first day of spring for us ‘down under’, just perfect to get me in the mood for sunshine and flowers. Going to check out your links, have a lovely day, Nel xo

  2. well as you know 😉 i love pyrex… that is a wonderful photo, even better knowing it’s not staged. like you, i use my pyrex. every little bit of it. and it’s nice to see others who don’t just collect and leave them up on the shelf.

    gorgeous! so glad our paths crossed online 🙂

  3. What great colors and I do love Pyrex dishes. Don’t have the orange one though, so I am bit jealous. I must keep my eye out for that one. I really enjoy the photos on your blog. You have a great eye as well as a way with the titles. Nice.

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