cedar summer

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, 
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it.

if you saw my fence in may, you’d surely think robert frost had a point there:

we decided to build a new one, and to do it ourselves. it was starting to look like the clampett’s around here.

it’s a big long fence. there was planning, and driving around, and shortages of clear knot cedar. there was rain.

there were crappy sawhorses & spilled paint & measurement troubles because i’m no mathematician. there was more rain, and more after that, for weeks. and sore muscles. and so many trips to the dump. and splinters and blisters and fumes and swearing and waiting. and finally some patience turned up.

there was also a lesson or two in there about listening to someone else’s ideas about how to do things. some humility. i’m sure i needed it.

then there was the sitting back and watching. i did not mind that part one bit.

and all the while, even when it didn’t seem so, there was still a summer; a life outside of cedar.

and then there was a fence!

i think it’s time for naked sunbathing.

i hope you have yourself a happy & lovely weekend!



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