promises, promises.

* i have been planning to open an etsy shop, but i keep getting stuck. i am scared nobody will like my stuff and i am scared i won’t be very good at selling things and i am scared i will lose interest and won’t put in the time to do it justice.

* guess what?! i’m going to do it anyway. starting this week. one little thing at a time.

* i’ll be selling pretty vintage things there. and special short runs of handmade items. (do you think that’s confusing or uncouth, to mix the handmade and the vintage like that? totally open for feedback.)

* last week, i told my boyfriend about an idea i have for a short-run project. the idea’s still kind of vague, but it involves feathers and embroidery. the next morning he left this bowl of feathers on the back porch. (very sweetly feline of him.) but shoot, now i must put up or shut up.

* i am not very good at shutting up so i’m planning to put up.

* but wait, i sometimes get ahead of myself when it comes to ideas. like this small detail: i don’t know anything about embroidery. i bought a book and some hoops. i’ll let you know how it goes.

* before the end of this week:

♥ there will be an etsy shop with at least one item in it.
♥ there will be a tiny-but-sweet diy tutorial for you on this blog.
♥ and also on this blog, there will be a giveaway! just for fun, for kicks, for the sake of community.

is there some small intention you’ve been holding in that you need to just speak up and say? you can do it right here, if you’d like. even with a small intention, it can be scary to speak it aloud. but i’ve found, for me at least, that part of giving it some life is saying it.

have a wonderful day, you lovelies! xo


11 thoughts on “promises, promises.

  1. hello, fly friend…i must say, i love your blog. i was just talking to my husband today about small steps and routing out my thoughts to a calendar. i think i will hold this post like a promise to myself that i can do the same…

  2. I actually took my first step, and posted a few pics of my jewelry on both my personal and biz FB pages, holding my breath that SOMEONE would say it wasn’t completely ugly! It was so scary, you’d think I was posting nude pictures! So I completely understand your fear. But, you’re in safe hands here, so I’d say go for it. Boyfriend’s feathers? This one might be a keeper. That was an incredibly thoughtful gesture of support!

  3. this was a lovely reminder to keep creating for the LOVE of it…small steps to HUGE wonders.
    thank you…& i love the image of boyfriend as feline leaving pretty things for you…enjoy your process/journey/discoveries…<3

  4. I think handmade + vintage could be a really lovely combination, especially given that many vintage items *are* handmade. I was thrift-shopping with a friend once who found a vintage silk slip with tiny, colorful, egg-shaped bubbles hand embroidered along the bustline – it was really sweet, and I haven’t thought about that in years until I saw your post. Here’s what I’ve been meaning to do: Write letters – real, handwritten ones.

    • it’s so nice how handmade things stick with us, isn’t it? and yes, letters! such a simple way to share one’s love and thoughts, but so rare. thank you for your thoughts. xo

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