the hottest week.

here in portland, we are having quite a nice spell of hot. i double-l love the hot. it came extra late this year, but not too late for summer things. 

…like the downtown rooftop wedding of good friends.

& putting our garden tomatoes by for winter, the easy way.

& letting v pick the route on our early morning meandering walks. (she takes me to the gas station; they’ve got biscuits.)

also: out of town guests! river swimming! windows-open drives on back roads! shaking it in the backyard to supertramp! i am soaking it up over here. i hope you’re finding some of it too, however it is you hug your summer tight.

thank you to everyone for your encouragement and love regarding yesterday’s post! i’m flattered. your words are staking up my bravery. i’ve got a wee thing up my sleeve for you and will be back tomorrow to share it!



3 thoughts on “the hottest week.

  1. Had my first drive with the window down to let in the cool ‘spring’ breeze down here. Such a welcome relief from winter 🙂 Your post reminds me of things I did as a kid in summer, like water sprinklers in the backyard and climbing trees, caravan holidays and melted ice-creams…bring on summer I say! xx

  2. Hi! I am trying to hold onto our last bits of summer–we dropped to the 60s and 70s right after a bout of 90s, so it’s fading quickly. I’m different than you though–I’m not a fan of really hot days. I’d be thrilled if everyday was 75, but not going to happen in Wisconsin for sure!


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