on my way to australia! (kinda)

hello people,

i put everyone’s name in a bowl (not a hat, i don’t have any photogenic hats), and i closed my eyes and pulled one out. and nel, you’ve got a present coming! i will get in touch with you about the details. looks like a little piece of my heart will be going to australia. fun! nel makes super-pretty accessories (her little baby-girl onesies are so cute they make my ovaries ache). and, she is a fantastic photographer. (i think she has a new etsy shop, too, but i can’t remember the link!)

speaking of etsy shops, i (sort of) got it together and mine is up. i’m still figuring out the ins and outs, so don’t hold onto your hats just yet. it needs a little time & work. but it’s here, nonetheless, and i kept my promise.

thanks for stopping by,



4 thoughts on “on my way to australia! (kinda)

  1. Woohoo!!! Emily you are the absolute sweetest! You have made my day :)) Looking forward to receiving a little piece of ‘you’ down under 😉 I’m popping over to check out your new Etsy store xox

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