my love for street art is morally confusing:

a-side) * it is not okay to paint on other people’s stuff without asking them first. that is not very nice. a friend of mine did a real-deal prison stint when he was caught for painting in public spaces. true story. it wasn’t easy. it wasn’t worth it.

b-side) * i like it anyway, so very much. i seek it out. it makes me think. it makes me feel stuff. feeling & thinking make me a better person.

where is the line between gang tags and art? who gets to decide? if you have thoughts on the matter, i’d love to hear them, because i sure don’t know.

one thing i do know is i’ve been digging on this moss graffiti idea i found on pinterest. beautiful.

have a good day, everyone, and keep yourselves out of the lockup. xo


5 thoughts on “perplexing.

  1. Personally, I love the vast majority of street art, and I think that nearly 100% of the time it is an improvement on the blank industrial facades they are written on. The vast murals on the NYC subways in the 70s and 80s were incredible works of art, and the artists often paid heavy prices for it if they got caught (including beatings from transit cops,) and the work was fleeting at best. But you know, the real ugliness of those trains didn’t come from graffiti – it came from the rats and litter and violent crime that were rampant in the city at the time. Is ALL of it good? Of course not. But most often I’d rather have it than not.

    • yes! thank you, cecile! me, too. i think one of the best parts about it is the care and passion going into it when almost always the work is so transient, sure to be painted over soon. seeing it always feels like luck.

  2. Loving the moss graffiti idea, now just to find a wall to put it on that looks as nice as that old, worn brick wall, it’s beautiful!
    I think most graffiti artists are incredibly talented and have something meaningful to share and should have somewhere allocated where they can do their art and be appreciated instead of judged. Like Cecile said, not all of it’s good but some of it is amazing!

    • We just had a Playing for Change event at our local school (Cabot, Vermont,) where one of the things kids could do was create moss art! It was so cool – baby-food jars of moss mixture, two pieces of old slate tile, and a work of art. Everyone was given two pieces of slate and asked to paint similar pieces on both – one to take home, and one to leave at the school to become part of a larger installment. I can’t wait to see it bloom!

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