today we’re driving to northern california, to sleep under old-growth trees and walk on the beach and be with great friends getting hitched!

the weather has gotten autumnal, so i’m pulling out warm things. & a dress & a slip from the palace & leather boots & scarves.

(i made this travel bag in the spring, and it’s one of my favorite things!)

the downside of packing is that i get kind of frantic about it. all of my unfinished business starts rushing in, and i’m distracted by oh my god, i need to rearrange all of this furniture immediately! the garden has weeds in it! i forgot to sew the button on that shirt! do it now! faster, faster! 

am i the only one this happens to? all of that frantic seems very unnecessary.

oh well. tonight i’ll be sleeping out of doors, somewhere new and strange and maybe even wonderful. there might even be an instance of mischief, who knows.

i’ll be back in this space on monday to tell you all about it. have a happy weekend, folks!



3 thoughts on “packing.

  1. Hey Em,
    Have a wonderful trip, rest, have fun, and definitely some mischief! Funny thing The Daily Good had a message just for this occasion.

    This is the urgency: Live! and have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind.

    – Gwendolyn Brooks –

  2. Yep, I do the same thing! I think I need to justify going away by leaving everything perfect before I go and I hate coming home to a mess! Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead for you…relax, have fun and enjoy! Love the bag xo

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