best ever.

i have mentioned this bag before, and with good reason: it’s the bomb-diggity. seriously people, if you have a sewing machine and if you go on trips on airplanes and don’t want to check your luggage, and if you would like to have a travel bag that is both functional and pretty, this one is for you. it is roomy and sturdy and comfortable to carry, and fits plenty enough for a long weekend trip, even a week if you’re a light packer.

certain projects get me very excited. sometimes, the excitement is about process and sometimes it’s about outcomes. this time it was both. i try to avoid patterns as much as possible, but sometimes they’re essential. after a lot of hunting, i found this one from studio cherie on etsy. it’s great; very clear & thorough instructions. i also learned a trick or two & a new way to approach zippers!

a few notes:

* i used home dec weight fabric for both the outside and the liner. if i made it again, i’d go with a muslin or calico liner (cheaper and easier to work with). since the bag is quilted, the extra weight of the double home dec made working the seams a bit tricky. (my machine is a workhorse, but i pushed its boundaries with this one.)

* most materials were purchased at bolt fabric boutique, where everything is beautiful all the time, and the people are awesome. the jute strapping came from the depot.

* although you could probably make this without a rotary cutter, i would not try it myself.

* expect to spend some time; it’s not the quickest sew and you really can’t cut corners (i would have if i could have).

* there was enough fabric left over to make a matching quilted toiletry bag. (be sure to pre-shrink!)

* having a helper is a nice bonus, too:

* this bag might even make you a friend or two while traveling, because the cool kids know that the wild-haired girl with the kooky duffel is more fun to talk to than the suit with the black rolling samsonite. it’s plain fact.

i don’t think i’d be overstating my position to say that this bag makes my life better, because that’s plain fact, too (thanks, cherie!). if you make one, you’ll have to let me know!

thanks for stopping by, xo


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