every september, tens of thousands of tiny vaux’s swifts roost in a chimney here in portland. and every september, thousands and thousands of people go there to watch, and i am among them. we went last night, and i got misty-eyed like i do every year, and felt the same wonder i do every year, the same inner quiet. for an hour or so we sat there on a blanket with our picnic, looking up, not saying much of anything. because there’s really not much to say besides did you just see that? i wish you could all see it for yourselves. if you’re interested, check out this short film by portland filmmaker kevin freeny. and if you’re really interested, get in touch with me next september and i will take you with me, and when someone asks did you just see that?, you will nod quietly, and smile.



4 thoughts on “birds.

  1. That was so incredibly beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you – and I hope to make it to Portland soon – I will absolutely come to see the birds!

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