california loot.

i wasn’t too impressed with the “thrift shops” i encountered in northern coastal california ($16 for a mason jar; $300 for that ratty quilt? i think not!). like i really need another quilt, anyway. 

(but then there was a rummage sale.)

oh well, where there is motivation there is also, often, a spot for it to land. for instance, you might happen into chatting with an elderly couple in a park, they might tell you there is a church rummage sale down the street & ask if you would come. they just might even invite you to lunch, once they realize how much you like old people and old things! (don’t worry, california, i couldn’t stay mad at you after that.)

here’s what i found (and all for under twenty bucks, not too shabby!):

vintage hunting jacket from the johnson woolen mills in vermont! it’s too big, but i’ll wear it anyway… it’s warm and reminds me of woodsmoke & home.

sweet old measuring cups (clearly they need a good polishing), and a nice sharp pair of sewing scissors.

antique mirror, so heavy i can barely lift it. in love.

also: an encyclopedia of stitchery! a vintage bank bag for rolled coins. and something else you won’t hear about till halloween.

have you any recent thrifting news you’d like to share? what kinds of things get your heart all fluttery?

hope your week’s been going along swimmingly.



5 thoughts on “california loot.

  1. I’m new to thrift shopping and have to say I’ve been bitten by the bug 😉 I wish I had more time for it! Love your fabulous finds…that mirror is gorgeous! xo

    • nel, i wish i could get paid to thrift all day! oh, i can’t wait to hear more about your newfound love. i have something readying up for you to send in the post tomorrow!! yay!

  2. Just saw your post and yes Nor Cal thrifting can be over priced and once in awhile you find gems. Glad you found a good rummage sale!

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