indian summer tomato love.

last year my tomatoes never ripened, so i made three gallons of insanely-salty-but-very-delicious green tomato salsa. three gallons might sound like a lot, but i gave a bunch away at christmas, we ate our fair share on rice and in omelets, and my neighbor ty took care of the rest of it, down in that sweet belly of his. got any more of that stuff?, he’d holler out across the yard, waving a bag of tortilla chips. just this morning he stopped by to ask if i’d be making any this year. his face fell when he saw me standing there cranking red tomatoes through a mill.

unfortunately for him, the tomatoes are all ripening this year. and unfortunately for everybody, i can’t seem to find the recipe anyway. but where there are buckets of red tomatoes, a sauce must occur, yes?

as i write this, there’s the warm smell of simmering red yum happening. soon, the canning. that’s my favorite part… the canning and the watching, and the knowing that in january, tomato sauce pulled up from the basement will taste like a small miracle.

♥  i’ve also finally finished up and sent the garland giveaway package for nel; i threw in a few surprise treats, too! i had so much fun with it that i think i might do another giveaway pretty soon, maybe even next week, so keep your eyes open!  ♥

i’ve got a mile-long to-do list today, but it’s sunny and i’m feeling contentedly occupied. i hope you are contented, today, as well, with whatever is keeping you occupied. have a happy weekend, people.



2 thoughts on “indian summer tomato love.

  1. I have to say I feel completely spoiled already :)) You are so sweet and I’m rather excited to get my gorgeous package… thank you so much!!

    That sauce looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never made my own but could be tempted after this post 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend xo

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