because i love a little tacky.

i hope i’m not blowing my awesome cover by admitting this, but it’s true. every now and then, the tacky starts calling my name, and i do something shameworthy– like go sturgis or watch bachelor pad. last halloween, i dressed up as tammy faye baker. i’ve even been known to wear a lee press-on nail or ten, back in the day, on a day that wasn’t halloween.

so of course when i found out that wheel of fortune was holding tryouts at the coast, we headed out there before you can say “i’d like to buy a vowel.” i wasn’t the only person excited about it, let me tell you.

oh, it was too good! the giant wheelmobile! the tent where throngs of prospective contestants waited, hoping our names would be called for a chance to audition! the outfits! the fake pat sajak emcee with his phony jokes and hugs! the fake vanna with the high heels and the plastic smile!

and then, as luck or fate would have it, it actually happened. the fake pat called out my name, and i let out one of those cliché game-show-contestant hollers and ran up to the stage for my shot at big money (or, in this case, a wheel of fortune coffee cup). it was over fast, and i headed out of there feeling lucky, coffee cup in hand.

i won’t know until the spring if i’ll get called back for a final audition, but i’ll keep you posted, folks.

i hope you’re feeling lucky, too, because later this week i’m doing another giveaway, and it won’t be a tacky one.



17 thoughts on “because i love a little tacky.

  1. That is hysterical! I wouldnt call it tacky…fun, yes! I hope you make it because it will add to my repertoire of stories telling people I have an aquaintance who made it on to wheel of fortune (insert your story here) 🙂 I am curious what you are planning to do with your blog?

    • thanks, julie. it really was hysterical– a friend of mine called it a “monstrosity,” and i pretty much agree… some tacky, some fun, for sure! i am curious what i am planning to do with my blog, too, actually! xo

    • oh, dear… the possible tv thing is the scariest part! but as a note, i went on stage with my sweater buttoned up all crookedly, so they might wonder about my competency in general 🙂

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