it’s here, the cloudy and the damp, so today i’m baking bread. soulemama’s recipe for whole wheat oat bread is easy-peasy and warms up the house and the belly. maybe i’ll bring in the zucchini and make some muffins, too. there are more tomatoes to deal with, too. and the beets need pickling, and the laundry is piling up, and the yard needs raking… like, last week.

all of these smaller projects are very good at distracting me from the bigger ones on my mind. but projects are not problems, i’m realizing as i write this. projects fill me up as well as bread does; there’s some cheerfulness in that. even on this cloudy day, there is progress to be made, and the promise of a slice of toast with lots and lots of salty butter at the end.

how do you transition into these darker, shorter, colder days, i’m wondering? how do you hang onto your cheerfulness as the leaves fall? i want to get better at it this year.

thanks for all of the love and laughs around yesterday’s post. i’ll definitely maybe let you know what happens. i think i hope i don’t end up on national tv. oh, but the big money, it would be nice.



5 thoughts on “falltime.

  1. I like that–projects are not problems. I seem to makes lists of projects to get done, which is a stressor for me, instead of appreciating or enjoying them.


  2. Breathe deeply of this crisp, fragrant air – get up early and bask in the sunlight as it filters through multicolored leaves, as if stained glass and a butterfly designed morning.

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