blue bowls for your kitchen?

hi, lovelies!

♥ earlier in the week i promised a giveaway, and here it is. yay! ♥

check out these super great stacking mixing bowls! i really really love them… they are hand thrown and the nicest shade of indigo. i got them out thrifting and they’re in nearly perfect condition and just wonderful! i’d be tempted to keep them myself if it weren’t for my obsession with pyrex.

here’s the deal: leave a comment on this post and i’ll do the same put-the-names-in-a-bowl thing i did last time, and one lucky person gets the bowls. easy as pie. the only requirement is that you need to tell me about something tacky or trashy that you like, because that sounds fun. (weekly world news? fruit roll-ups? jerry springer? etc. be loud and proud with your secret tackiness, folks, you know i’m right there with you!) i’ll be back to announce the winner next week!

the linen tablecloth in the photo is vintage & was gifted to me by a dear friend. the drawers in the background were made from reclaimed barn boards by another friend. maybe one of these days i’ll tell you about my kitchen, and what it was like before it was bright and happy, and all of the work it took to get there.

but for now, all i want to think about is bowls, and a weekend, and how excited i am to wrap these babies up and send them to one of you.

good luck! xo


13 thoughts on “blue bowls for your kitchen?

  1. Those are lovely! And, hm, tacky? I have a collection of vintage ashtrays (and no, I don’t smoke,) from place like South of the Border! And…. I love Dolly Parton, and if you haven’t read her autobiography and still want some light summer reading, it’s a lot of fun! Your kitchen is beautiful; I recently gave away a bunch of barnboard (barn razing party; it was great, and it was amazing how many people showed up to help. They got to take all kinds of stuff!) Someone made an incredible harvest table with some of the reclaimed boards – like the kind you see that cost thousands of dollars – I was so happy to see that wood get revived like that.

  2. those blue bowls are dreamy! crazy you found them out thrifting!
    my tacky guilty pleasure has got to be collecting the discarded people magazines from my dentists’ office! fun & trashy & free! enjoy you weekend!

  3. The bowls a beautiful ! Now for baring my soul of tacky pleasures ……. here goes, I can’t believe I’m posting this, Kraft Mac and cheese, the disgusting kind ya Know with the fake gooey cheese, there is also the Velveeta kind with the gooey cheese. When I was a kid we had the kind in the box with the dry cheese, the box with the gooey cheese was special. Yes my mother did make homemade mac and cheese and none of us liked it Let’s not forget cheetos not the airy puffy ones, the crunchy ones that leave your fingers orange for the rest of the day. Ok it’s out and to be totally honest I just had a snack bag of cheetos last Saturday which triggered me to buy a box of mac and cheese when I was at the grocery store. The checker looked at me kinda funny, there I was with my non fat greek yogurt, flax seed, oat bran, fruits and vegies and that box of mac and cheese, the Velveeta kind as I did not see Kraft.
    By the way I meant to post about your little potatoes, I think the best often comes last in the garden, those little things that really had to work to show up, they are very tasty and a special gift at the end of the season. Thanks Emily !

  4. my best friend and i can’t go on a trip without having cheetos and wild cherry pepsi in the car with us. it normally requires listening to boys 2 men as well.

    the bowls look awesome, and i would love to have them in my kitchen!

  5. Those bowls are beautiful. Love ’em. Hmmmmm…. Tacky/trashy confession. I think I’ve ditched most of my tacky ways. Used to collect Star Trek toys. Don’t anymore. I will watch a Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon if the kids are asleep. I loved that show.

    • totally forgot – my guiltiest pleasure is Real Housewives of any city – I can watch endless episodes when I go on some sewing & knitting sprees. so absurd it’s impossible to stop.

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