greetings from the sick bed.

oh, hello, fever. hello, cannot-breathe-through-nose. hello, cranky. hello, dog and cat, curled around me while i nap. (those creatures, they are the kindest friends.)

i haven’t forgotten about this little blog and the people who read it. i just need a bit of a rest. that giveaway, it is still happening, and it’s not too late for you to hop on, if you haven’t already!

tomorrow i will draw a name out of one of those pretty blue bowls. i think that will cheer me up.



5 thoughts on “greetings from the sick bed.

  1. I was actually wondering where you had gone? No, really. I have my morning coffee with a blog or 4…probably should pick up a newspaper instead, but in my little rose colored world over here I would rather read fun and inspirational stuff. Anyhow, hope you are feeling better soon! You have all rainy, cold winter to be sick. Julie

  2. Being sick is NO FUN! Tend to you first… the blue bowls will be there, and we’ll be here, reading and loving and sending you tea and sympathy.

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