one out of seven. daytime tv.

hooray, i drew a name for the bowls! though there’s no photographic evidence, i had witnesses (cat, dog, man friend) present, just so you know it was fair. one out of seven is not bad odds, now, is it? congrats, cecile! these babies are yours! cecile loves dolly parton and lives in vermont, and is friends with my rad lady-friend miss b. all of these facts mean she is awesome. i think it’s great that these bowls are headed to vermont. cecile, i’ll get in touch with you and then send these out as soon as i’m fit for a public appearance at the post office. which might be a couple more days, i’m afraid. because this cold, i am still in the grips of it. thank you for your kind healing thoughts.

i have been up to a whole bunch of nothing for the last couple days. mouth-breathing has become a new occupation, i suppose, as has spacing out to daytime television. i do enjoy those court shows.

soon after i moved to portland, i was called for jury duty. i ended up on a criminal case, which sounds very exciting indeed. and it was, in a daytime tv sort of way.

basically, the facts were this: a stripper had a baby with a deadbeat baby daddy. the deadbeat had a girlfriend (not the stripper). the deadbeat and the girlfriend lived in the girlfriend’s mom’s basement, in an area of portland known to locals as “felony flats,” which should help to set the scene. the stripper decided to change her life and move to maryland to become a medical assistant, so she went to the deadbeat’s house to tell him. that was a bad idea. the girlfriend and the stripper had a fight and the stripper bit the girlfriend’s cheek off. the crux of the case was, did she bite the cheek off in self-defense?

the girlfriend’s mom should have been the best witness, but unfortunately she was not. because while all of this cheek-biting was going on in her basement, she was upstairs watching jerry springer. (there were giggles in the courtroom when she said this.) have you seen requiem for a dream? she reminded me of the mom in the movie, almost exactly. during her testimony, many times, she made comments to the effect of, “the people’s court has different chairs!” “this is not like judge mills lane!” “judge judy does it this way.” “is this going to be on tv?” etc.

anyway, ultimately, we let the stripper go free. i hope she turned her life around. i hope the girlfriend got her plastic surgery. i hope the deadbeat found a job and forged a relationship with his son. i hope the mom got happier.

oh, my, see what happens when i write without a plan? sometimes that will happen. i do have a plan for today, and it includes knitting, sitting, and roasting a chicken (this is an easy and great recipe, i’ve made it at least twenty times and it never fails). back soon.



One thought on “one out of seven. daytime tv.

  1. I am so thrilled to get those bowls!!! They’ll be beautiful in my colorful kitchen… which is oddly lacking in blues, but won’t be for long. Jury duty – I’ve been called twice, once for criminal, once for civil. Yours was a lot more interesting than mine (lawyers reading from insurance policies and lease agreements – I think the jurors were ready to turn criminal just to get it over with.) Most of all, feel better. Bring sick is no fun, even when it’s a “common cold.” and thank you for the love bird graffiti.- Cecile

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