i heart wool.

isn’t this yarn pretty? my friend cassie made it with her own two magical hands. what?! yes she did. yesterday was a nice time to dust off my knitting needles. i’ve missed them. i sat knitting with a blanket on my lap. a warm, wooly, white, pendleton blanket, scored for five bucks at goodwill. (that was a happy day, i tell you. i would not mind it one bit if i found this other particular blanket out thrifting one day. insanely good, those colors.)

i found this simple pattern on ravelry, and adjusted it a bit, making the tassels a bit longer, and adding the silly big pom-pom. it’s really cute and warm. that yarn felt so nice between my fingers… i wish it had lasted a bit longer, but this hat was finished and on my head in under two hours. the rainy season is long, though, and the days are short, and there are plenty more things to knit. xo


2 thoughts on “i heart wool.

  1. So pretty and gorgeous wool. Looks so soft and lovely! Every winter I rediscover knitting and though I’m not that clever to knit fancy things, I kinda like keeping it simple. Stay warm 🙂 x

    • thanks, nel! it is so fun to “rediscover” knitting each year! i keep forgetting that you are just starting your summer now! feeling rather envious.

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