on saturday we hosted a (very) last-minute birthday party for a friend. here’s how i planned a party in four hours: i got a lemon cake from the lovely sweetpea baking co., & picked up some berries, & whipped up some fresh cream, & made coffee & picked some late-blooming garden flowers. i also put together a little “happy birthday” bunting (pictured above, sorry for the poor lighting) out of a paper bag and some yarn. we lit a campfire in the backyard & turned on some music. and then people showed up, and the rest of the night took care of itself. people are good for that, aren’t they?

it was nice to be reminded that simple is enough.

here’s another simple thing: buying handmade makes you feel good. & if you’re looking for an easy way to tend to yourself and to someone else, kate miss of for me,for you has put together a fundraiser to help with unexpected medical bills. i employ magical thinking is my personal favorite, although i admit i have a soft spot for taste the rainbow. (how could i not?) kate also makes necklaces which i covet. great for presents! real stuff, direct from a real person. that’s good stuff.

hope you’ve all had a simply happy weekend & that you’re gearing up for the same this week!



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