a five step guide…

…to procuring the above pair of handmade-in-italy-boots-from-halo, for zero dollars:

one.) have a really good friend who is really into shoes.

two.) go shoe shopping with that friend, often.

three.) over the course of two years, try on eight hundred pairs of boots while shopping with your friend. never buy anything. complain endlessly about how it is not fair, how it is so impossible, how you will never, ever find the right boots, how they just don’t make things like they used to before i was born. (be sure to be dramatic.)

four.) let go. stop looking. wear sneakers instead.

five.) get invited to your friend’s house for dinner one night. say yes when she asks if you would like her hand-me-downs. say yes and walk out of there with her boots on your feet and be so, so thankful. because they really are perfect, for me.

can you remember a time when someone was extra generous with you, and how it made you feel loved? have you got a secret source for well-made, nice-looking leather boots that do not cost one thousand dollars? please share!



6 thoughts on “a five step guide…

  1. Ooooh – Congratulations! Those were worth the wait! (I have had obscenely good luck finding thrifted boots… I hope that didn’t jinx it for me….) However! I recently had friends be amazingly generous with their time and energy recently, when I needed to get a barn taken down and a wall put up. So many people worked so hard and brought food and tools and expertise – I truly could not have done this project (which had me overwhelmed and defeated for 10 years) without the generosity of a lot of people.

  2. I have been keeping my eye out for a pair of lace up boots for the motorbike… just as well you live on the other side of the world or I might be testing out your 5 step theory on you 😉 Great boots, generous friend!!
    I have been on the receiving end of many generous acts and the ones that have touched me most have been the ones that have been simple, thoughtful and unexpected and my most recent one was from you 🙂 It almost always requires sacrifice on the part of the giver, and I think that’s what touches me the most. xo

  3. Haha, my friend and I always complain about having skinny calves. D’you know how difficult it is to find leather boots that fit skinny legs? You need to find a pair with elastic in the leg, and then not stretch the elastic at all, lol.

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