pets for pets.

frida now has four fish. she really, really, likes them.

when did i become the sort of sucker who gets her pets their own pets? answer: yesterday. (not my idea. boyfriend’s.)

she stares and stares at them, and purrs. sometimes, while staring, she licks her lips. (little savage!) i do not think she’ll eat them.

the fish appear to be strangely happy, considering they live in a jar and belong to a cat. they seem sort of… friendly, almost? i like them more than i want to like them.

i wonder if they would be happier in the backyard pond?



4 thoughts on “pets for pets.

  1. This is just the cutest post! Frida looks immensely happy. I love the middle photo! One of our kitties stares at the little frogs that suction themselves to the windows at night. Kind of like her pets, I guess…

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