found while thrifting

this gentle-but-urgent reminder found a home inside my kitchen. in real life it is bigger and harder to make out the words, so it blends in with the background mostly, but feels a bit like a special secret each time i pay it some mind.

with secondhand items, i often wonder about the person who lived with the thing before me. it’s a fun exercise in imagination. i’m thinking whoever owned this print might have actually fully transcended the bullshit, or thought they did, which precipitated the addition of this gem to their donation pile. maybe they just got tired of a swearword in their kitchen every day, who knows.

i like it. i think i’ll let it stay awhile.

what are your tools or tricks, the ways you remind yourself to slow down and pay attention to what matters to you? feel free to take a moment to share, or just to think.



3 thoughts on “found while thrifting

  1. Emily,
    I saw what it said right off and then thought just as you did, did the person who put it out transcend the bull shit or perhaps they just accepted it for what it is bull shit. At any rate, I love it and it looks wonderful in your kitchen !

  2. Sometimes I just have to get out of the house and forget about the clutter and crap. If I had your sign in the kitchen I could just look at it and smile ;).

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