unrelated items in the form of a list.

hello lovelies,

i’ve been busy busy, with work of the general life variety and also of the money-earning variety (thank goodness, because my pockets are rather empty at the moment, but let’s not dwell on that). alas, alack, i have no brainpower for writing a cohesive post, so you’ll have to settle for the following list of goodness.

♥ first off, music!! are you on the hunt for new bands to listen to, but don’t know where to start? i can relate. go check out my old kentucky blog, and let the cool kids tell you what’s going on right now. my good friend, the smart and sassy miss dolly mod, knows more about music than anyone else i know… here are some of her words about brooklyn-based  big tree’s new album, storm king. oh, and fair warning… sit down and prop your feet up before you watch the video; it’ll make you swoon. autumnal and minimalistic and just gorgeous. i’m guessing you will like.

♥ i found this fringed bag at a thrift shop on the wheel of fortune adventure weekend. i’ve since taken off the dumb little silvery button thing, and it’s more my vibe now. been getting mixed reviews (ahem) about this purse, but still, i do quite like it, what do you think?

♥ these industrial design stamps i saw at the p.o. the other day are pretty!

 nutella hot chocolate. that is all.

♥ i met this cute girl and her dollywood beer koozy around a campfire last weekend. good stuff:

♥ more drool-worthy boots: someone sweet wrote me to tell me about these sculptural beauties, and these on ebay (adore!!). also, julie linked me to a seattle shoestore, where i came upon these. one last thing: i think i definitely need these rain boots, just as soon as my pockets are padded again. because, i’ll tell you, people, indian summer is yesterday’s news.

♥ have you met dear sugar yet? my suggestion is that you simply must. that lady writes things that will unzip your chest and pull your darling heart out, then put it back inside you, better than it was before. good grief. this particular column entitled “the obliterated place” is a good starting point.

so. there you have it! happy weekend, everyone!

x’s and o’s, emily


2 thoughts on “unrelated items in the form of a list.

  1. Wow… I’m just catching up and your world has turned from Indian Summer to Autumn! The bag is cute, and it sounds like you feel at home with it, minus the silly button thing. I can’t concentrate; I want to look up the Nutella hot chocolate immediately. The beautiful blue bowls arrived and were put to good use mixing pizza dough, then brownies, for my delightful 12-on-Tuesday girl’s birthday sleepover! Thank you so much for sending them to me!

    • wonderful, cecile! so glad you received them and they’re in use already. i am a big brownie enthusiast, so this makes me feel very good. i know: nutella!!! xo

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