the urban aran for a country gentleman.

i made this sweater for my father’s birthday last year. i have knit him a few sweaters over the years, and this one was a bit of a technical challenge with all of its cabling and backwards cabling. i made several mistakes, but it turned out nicely anyway. the pattern is paton’s “street smart,” which i believe might be out of print now (hope it isn’t since this is really a great pattern). i followed jarod flood’s modifications (adding zipper and some shaping); you can find them here, along with better pictures than these here)! jarod also has a new line of insanely great yarn called shelter. the wool is sourced from a farm in new hampshire and i can’t wait to get some on my needles! my dad lives in new hampshire, and he doesn’t care much about things like street smarts or being hip and urban. he cares about keeping his bones warm during the winter chill, and this sweater serves his purpose.

(this is not my dad.)

when my pops unwrapped it, his eyes welled up with tears and he declared it “very snazzy.” that means: success! my dad is an exceptionally kind, exceptionally interesting person, deserving of many good sweaters. (it’s possible i might be biased.) his birthday is tomorrow, & i’ll write some words about him in this space, because he is too good not to share.

thanks for stopping by!



6 thoughts on “the urban aran for a country gentleman.

  1. I always admire people who can knit so beautifully, Your Dad will no doubt love it! Not just because its a gorgeous jumper but because it’s been made so lovingly by his daughter just for him! Can’t wait to hear more about your dad tomorrow and to wish him a happy birthday :). Ps. The chocolate you sent was amazing and the jam is delicious and all but gone! xx

    • i would think you must be kidding, cecile, except you aren’t! this is so sad and so awesome at the same time, thank you a million times for sharing this and for participating! completely rad. completely adorable.

  2. oh i’ve eyed jarod’s pattern and modifications for at least a year now. i know that when i’m ready to make a big ol’ lovely sweater for a special man in my life, it will be this pattern. i’ve just got to work up the guts first.

    it looks amazing!

    • it really is nice, and honestly it was not that hard if you’re comfortable with cabling… i think it’s smart to keep the two front panels going at the same time! have you heard about the boyfriend curse? (that’s why i knit for my dad. so silly and superstitious!)

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