hallowed things.

happy halloween, friends!

thank you, sweet people, for your kind words regarding my dad. i felt a bit vulnerable posting something so tender and personal here, but i’m very glad i did. a nice thing happened, actually, while i was writing that post. my father called me. he only does that maybe once a year. (we talk each week… i call him every sunday morning while dog walking.) he was calling to inform me that his telephone is broken (which, well, it’s clearly not). i wonder if it’s possible he felt me thinking about him, somehow? seems possible. he’s sensitive like that.

oh, man… i am tired. i’ve been working long, long hours, and there are more long hours to come. during non-work hours, i’ve been engaging in thrilling tasks such as sealing grout & re-caulking the bathtub & raking leaves & sewing cheap rugs together for my kitchen floor. i’m quite relating to the rhythm of the squirrels burying walnuts in the backyard in readiness for winter. sometime soon, there’ll be time for sleeping. (i might be posting a bit less frequently this week, we’ll see.)

(bone painting in the dining room. thrifted.)

but for today, i’ve got a few good links to share with you all:

♥ this is why i need a tripod.

♥ take my heart: can’t. stop. listening.

♥ even thinking about politics makes my head spin to bad places, so i generally stay out of them altogether. however, i find this concept hilariously brilliant: occupy your junk mail.

♥ a sweet reader left a comment here to let us know that penguins need sweaters. heartbreaking, adorable.

♥ i really and truly found them… the perfect boots! (perfect if i made six figures, that is. details, details… oh, well.)

♥ if i typed in caps here i’d write it all in uppercase letters: beautiful bohemian interiors!!!

♥ and last, but not least: a slew of excellent thrifting tricks for your treats! if you’re new to thrift shopping, or just want to get better at it, you’ll surely want to head over to a beautiful mess and check out this post!

now go and eat some candy!



One thought on “hallowed things.

  1. Love the sparklers! I’m waiting for my tripod to arrive in the mail, it’s taking forever but I can’t wait to starting having some photo fun! And I’m loving Bohemian Homes, going back there now to have a good look! xo

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