a corner in the kitchen.

hi, lovelies! today, i thought i’d show you one of my very favorite little corners in my house! not only is it pretty (i am a big sucker for mason jars), but it is incredibly useful to have all of my baking/ cooking/ bulk supplies at arm’s reach while in the kitchen. and when i say ‘at arm’s reach,’ i mean it most literally. this little galley kitchen is teeny-tiny, to the tune of sixty square feet!

a friend made this beauty for me. he is awesome and handy and people like that are good to know. he built it, i painted it, and then he came back and hung it on the wall. just like that, la la la!

if any of you have wonderful little-kitchen space-saving tips, please share your wisdom with the rest of us!

ok, it’s time to go bake bread. back soon!



3 thoughts on “a corner in the kitchen.

  1. Emily,
    I think your kitchen is very user friendly and I love that wall with all it’s jars of goods that when put together by your loving hands become something very tasty. I can smell that bread now …….. yummm!

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