the softed spot.

i’m ashamed to admit that before we adopted frida, i didn’t really even want a cat. but funny how these things work: you don’t want a cat, but your dog really likes them and you think a companion would be nice, so you get one even though you feel kind of ho-hum about it, and almost immediately you fall into loving the cat immensely… suddenly the whole dynamic of people-and-animal love in the household has a new rhythm, and you cannot imagine what life was like before. so naturally, you start changing furniture around to suit the cat. i carved out a small corner of the dining room for her to eat and lounge in, found the little white bench on craigslist, and made a cushion. i had a foam core cut to size and covered it in a quilt top found at an estate sale.

the quilt is circa texas, late 1940’s. i know this because whoever made the quilt backed the pieces with a texas newspaper, screaming headlines about red scares and commies and all sorts of other surreal stuff. the quilt was raggedy and tattered and i’m guessing made by a teenager who was not yet experienced with sewing, judging by the wonderfully irregular stitches. it was weak from sitting still for years and years, so i patched it together with itself (not too carefully) in layers, adding a strong cotton backing & heavy-duty zipper for easy removal & washing.

when i finished this up, i was worried that the cushion was too firm for miss princess kitty, and i asked my boyfriend if he thought the area needed to be “more softed.” the inquiry was met with intense laughter and several cheeky comments regarding my overboard concern for frida’s well-being. (remember the bed i made her? yes. she’s spoiled.) a sad, dark something i haven’t told you yet is this: before frida came to us, she spent five years living in a tiny cage without healthcare, human love & contact, or any creature comforts at all. i’m doing my best to make up for all of that heartbreaking nonsense, & so… the softed spot was born.

other deets: i used stacking bamboo boxes for a feeding tray, and wine crates (thrifted at goodwill) underneath the bench to store food. the taxidermy butterflies were found at a garage sale. long ago, someone pinned these lovelies into an old hosiery box! adore. (i think the whole shebang came together under forty bucks, not bad).

(sorry, lady, gotta draw the line somewhere… no cheeseburgers for you.)

yep, the softed spot is frida approved. operation kooky cat lady complete.



11 thoughts on “the softed spot.

  1. Emily,
    This touched that very soft tender spot in my heart space, in my soul. I have tears in my eyes now. I do not think you are a kooky cat lady I think (know!) you are a gentle, loving being who has an open heart. Thanks for giving Miss Frida the kindness she is worthy of.

  2. wow. you are lovely & amazing.
    …needless to say, Frida finally found home!
    congrats on your newest family member…
    ours happened upon our doorstep near-starved two weeks ago
    & our household, too, has been changed deeply.
    meowLOVEmeow someMore to all

  3. I’m a cat lady, too. Frida’s “softed spot” looks perfect, and well deserved for a poor sweet kitty with such a sad past. One of our cats (a rescue kitty, of course) thinks the baby’s changing pad is hers for sleeping. It looks a bit like Frida’s spot, actually!

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