dear fall,

okay, you got me.

you make it impossible not to.

your foggy mornings and your crunch crunch crunch of leaves underfoot? your big fancy colorshows? your gleamy full november moon? those are good. 

thank you for the red backyard

& for the turning-inward encouragement

& for reminders: time comes and goes. there’s change. let it be pretty.i’m glad you’re here.

love, emily

: :

i’m glad you’re here, too, folks. and i hope you all have a sweet eleven-eleven-eleven & a wonderful weekend! i’ll be back on monday to show you some recent thrifted things. but for now, i’ll show you this: my darling friend chelsea, along with her husband and band, st. frankie lee, just released an amazing album called ‘girls say no’. you can listen to the whole thing on their bandcamp website, and if you love it & are so inclined, you can own it for three bucks. what?! check it!



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