this kale was not thrifted.


so yeah, i know i told you i’d be sharing some thrifting finds here today, but the thing is, with the days shorter (and gray), there’s a narrow margin for taking pictures. and, despite my good intentions… i did not. i did take this rather dreary photo, though, of the kale i ate for dinner last night. oh, kale, there are so many nice things i could say about you, but it’s too bad you are not photogenic once you’ve been cooked. also too bad i did so much awesome cooking this weekend but this is the only picture i’ve got to show for it. oh well. (sorry, kale, for blaming you for my own poor photography skills. you are actually quite lovely. my bad.)

anyway, we eat a lot of kale around here, and i almost always make it the same way, which is not very interesting, is it? but it’s so easy, and so tasty, and really & truly, if i had to eat only one leafy green for the rest of my life, it’d be this. so, without further ado, here’s how it goes (if you already know how to make kale, feel free to skip this. i won’t mind and i’ll never know!):


* one bundle organic kale, whatever kind you love the most (i like the kind with purple stems and curly leaves), chopped up (remove the fat parts of the stems beforehand.)

* garlic (a few cloves, chopped)

* maybe some onion, if you want, chopped up small

* broth. this is the secret thing to make it go from boring leafy green to shazam. (i usually use powdered vegetable bouillon, about a teaspoon dissolved in about a half-cup of hot water. this makes the dish pretty salty. i like it salty, but you can cut back if you don’t.)

* olive oil & butter, a tablespoon or so of each, enough to coat the pan.

: :

how to make it:

heat oil & butter over medium-high heat in a big cast-iron skillet. add chopped garlic (and onion if you’re using it). cook, while stirring, a couple of minutes until it starts to soften, careful not to burn. add kale, and let it cook until it starts to lose some of its volume. stir it to spread the oil around. cook for maybe 2-3 minutes, maybe 5, stirring occasionally. throw in the broth, cover, and let it simmer over medium-ish heat, about 10 more minutes. remove cover, stir it around, cook it more if it’s too soggy. the most important thing about these directions is that it doesn’t really matter how you do it. kale says, go ahead and break the rules. i’m flexible! and by the way, i’m also like totally awesome for your body. 

you can eat this along with almost anything… as a side, in stuff, straight from the pan when nobody’s watching. last night i mixed it up with coconut rice, avocado, and black beans in a burrito. (thrilling news, i’m sure.) if there are any kale aficionados reading, i’d love to hear your favorite preparations, because even though i’m a creature of habit, i do like to break out every now & then. and kale seems safe, you know? happy monday, folks!



7 thoughts on “this kale was not thrifted.

  1. Is kale like spinach? pardon my ignorance 😉 If it is, I like it just with butter and a little cracked pepper, lightly sautéed. Your recipe sounds a little more exciting, might have to try! And I think your picture is worthy of a foodie magazine 🙂 xox

    • hi nel! kale is sort of like a superpower version of spinach. it’s so packed with good things, but the leaves are much denser and the taste is stronger and more bitter. it can also be kind of chewy and tough if it’s not cooked right, but is delicious when it is! xo

    • Cant find your email and i have to do this now or I will forget…
      Raw Kale ..using scissors cut into very fine pieces.(do not use any stem)
      Add onion, peppers, olives(a will see..) black or garbanzo beans, cherry tomoates- sundried tomatoes work too, avocado
      Feta..lots of feta.
      I use a balsamic dressing and lemon, salt and papper..mix with hands.
      So tasty! (and good for you)
      Honestly, its one of those salads you can add everything in your fridge to..

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