like i said,

i’ve been thrifting. here’s some new loot!

hello, nerdy dogwalking shoes. they’re like sneakers, but without the “i’m so sporty” vibe. which is good, since i’m none too sporty, myself. they’re borns, similar to these here. to be honest, i’m usually pretty hesitant about buying used shoes, but these are only lightly worn. i’m hoping the previous owner wore socks. (i’m sure they did, that’s what i’m telling myself.)

vintage state-themed juice glasses. nevada and missouri.

when i think of missouri, i remember a night spent in a roadside motel in joplin, the day before i visited graceland on a solo, cross-country road trip i took when i was twenty, well before that devastating tornado. (the atlantic has a not-for-the-faint-of-heart photo essay about the tornado aftermath here, in case you’re into clicking blue words today).

when it comes to nevada, i remember reno. i was there with my mother when i was twelve, the same trip when i discovered pesto at ananda. there are two memories i’ve got from reno. the first occurred in a casino called circus circus where my mom took me to an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner. after eating, we leaned over a railing and watched people below shoving coins into slot machines. my mother said this: “look at all of those people blowing their children’s college educations.” she sounded so throughly disgusted that i recall her exact words. then, to illustrate her point, she let me put a quarter in one of the machines when none of the guards were looking. no coins came back out. the second reno memory happened immediately after leaving the casino. we were walking down the strip, and a man passed us. he was carrying a parrot on his shoulder. i turned around to stare, but kept walking, tripped on a light post, and fell down, hard, on the sidewalk. another humiliating detail i will share only because i like you: i was wearing mc hammer pants that day.

(i’m noticing the juice glasses not only serve as a conduit for hydration, but also for cringeworthy reminders of my adolescent clumsiness & atrocious fashion sense. fun.)

ok, moving on! perfect old blue mason jars! intact lids! the one on the right is enormous! super-awesome!

and this little beauty is a crazy-quilt turned granny pillow. she’s silk, & she’s going to live in the love shack in the backyard. (i’ll show you around the love shack in another post sometime.) this lady needed a bit of refurbishing, so i took out a seam, washed her, replaced the pillow insert, and mended her back up again. look at these sweet stitchy details:

i see i’m not the only one who loved her.

so there you have it, folks. objects and cuteness and usefulness and memories converging. also, why thrift stores are better than target.

have you found any happy scores out thrifting lately?



2 thoughts on “like i said,

  1. i love those jars and was thinking of starting a collection of my own…useful as well as beautiful and rustic. i think everything i did as a kid was embarrassing. don’t sweat it!

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