rest and thanksgiving.

hi all! i’ve been gone from this space awhile, tending to some life things that need tending. also, working overtime. hello, paying-the-mortgage! sigh of relief, and i am so grateful. it’s thanksgiving week, after all, so i’m finding my thanks and giving them some due right about now.

also right about now, i’m planning to cram in production of two salted caramel cheesecake pies (oh yes, that’s what i said) to bring along to each of the thanksgiving potlucks we’re cozying up to this year. (i made one last week as a test batch, and it’s a major winner. we got all golden girls on that pie over here, i tell you. the pie almost required it. by the way, i’m curious, if you were a golden girl, who would you be? i think i’d be all of them, eating cheesecake.)

anyhoo. here are some things i’m grateful for today, and every day:

♥ for big trees, and woods walks.

♥ and treasure hunts therein. in california, perhaps. also, my favorite blue nail polish.

♥ for occasional (and measured) debauchery, in the form of one whiskey, one ginger ale, and five dollars in quarters.♥ for rockstars, the ones who finally have the chance to sing their song and shine.

♥ …and sweet peaceniks, for them, too. for motley crews of loving.

♥ for coffee and skateparks, and sometimes for both at the same time.♥ for elbows and knees and physics and concrete and learning the brave art of the fall. for the falling, for the getting up.

♥ for good old dog friends like g. for being there on his passage to the mystery. even for that… for that, most especially.

♥ for feeling a part of things. for wildness.

♥ for curry and friends who feed us what they have.

♥ for woodsmoke.

♥ for hot chocolate in silver mugs under a tarp over a fire in the rain in january, with people i love. for people to love.

♥ for secret gifts on city sidewalks.

♥ for oceans.

♥ for setting suns.

♥ for everything, as it comes. because it just does.

wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving. what are you thankful for today? i hope you’re feeling loved.



4 thoughts on “rest and thanksgiving.

  1. Emily,
    There are so many things I am thankful for in my life, I am so blessed. I would say what I am most thank for for are my family and friends who give me their love and support in my life.
    Thank you Emily for sharing the the beautiful wonder of you with all of us. I so look forward to the connection through your posts of Things to Tend To, they bring a smile to my face, warm my heart, and remind me I am loved. Thank You ! x/o
    Oh, I do believe I may just be growing into Sophia, feisty, and full of piss and vinegar.

    Happy Thanksgiving ! Love You !

  2. I’m no expert, but that “secret gift” looks like some sort of voodoo conjure doll to me.

    I don’t remember how I ended up here, but I believe I’ve been reading since you shared the view of your Pyrex bowls in the dish drainer. Loved the heartfelt words about your father, too. I’m thankful for these small, quiet pockets of wonderfulness on the Internet.

    • i’m so glad you’re here, kim. thank you. and yes, perhaps some good ju-ju voodoo… someone nailed a box to an electric post in my neighborhood and leaves random gifts in it almost every day! i like to admire it and have never taken anything, but the winged doll was creepily tempting. 🙂

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