on that good night last night…

i took some time to set up a little christmas cheer in this tiny cottage. i like my holiday decor really simple, but i do change it up a bit every year, and try to put some intention in. these next few weeks can be hectic, and it’s nice to bring some pretty in at home to counter the pace of it all.

little white lights make me happy. so do tatted things, and a thrifted vintage plastic deer. on a random impulse, i bought a bouquet of pink roses instead of my usual gathering of branches for a “tree,” and am fully stoked on them! there are cranberries on a romantic strand of dental floss, waiting to be hung. there’s a wreath on the door. some mental lists. things to make. water in a kettle. sam cooke on the stereo. into it. readysetgo.

this is how i geek out on december. how do you keep these weeks festive and nourishing for yourself? how do you make it yours? what are your favorite parts?



One thought on “on that good night last night…

  1. Oh, I’m so happy to be able to get back on to read your blog! And what a warm and wonderful post…. the deer just melted my heart. Happy December!

    A couple of years ago my daughter and I put together a collection of vintage and handmade things – a copper kettle, a pair of mittens we made together, a package wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string… all hung from a little branch bouquet on the hall table near the door. It’s silly but we like it 🙂

    I love the old doilies with lights running through them.

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