old cloth.

hello, sweethearts! i hope you’ve all had magical weekends. i spent mine doing some gift-creating, pet snuggling, soup-making (this old standby; you need to eat it), and hitting up an estate sale. it was awesome.

i learned a secret: estate sales in december are a good idea. while everyone else is at the mall, or in their kitchens, or on ladders hanging lights, (or hanging over from their holiday work parties), you could be freely perusing rooms filled with vintage gems and memory. doesn’t that sound better? yes it does. i found some good stuff, really good stuff. i spent ten bucks and came home with a rather massive pile of clothy things. (and a pile of projects in mind for them, too.)

i came home and soaked and washed and soaked and washed until the doilies! napkins! runners! sheets! pillowcases! were sparkly white. then i hung them everywhere around the house to dry. mazzy star helped me along with it all. so did this advice about caring for old linens.

i’ve got some ironing to do this morning, and other chores. like, refill the bird feeder, i’m being reminded just now, as the number one patron of the bird feeder is knocking at the window, somewhat furiously. it’s a squirrel. he is knocking. he wants his seeds and he wants them now, it seems! so i’m off to do my tending, into the fog of this wintercold morning. all of the colors look brighter today, i’m not sure why.

have lovely days, people. i’ll be back soon.



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