tangential holiday-themed rambling.

oh, people. i’ve stopped giggling about yesterday’s photographs long enough to try to write something. we’ll see how it goes.

okay, i’m ready. almost ready already, that is. for the christmas stuff. sort of semi-ready, at least. how about you?

this is my favorite piece of the holidays, the readying. (i think i’ve mentioned that before.) the wrapping. the making & baking & writing & stacking of boxes. i love to think about people i love and what i can give that will make them smile. i love walking into the post office, laden with brown paper packages, and walking out with empty arms. i love the camaraderie in a line at the post office in december. call me crazy, but i do.

what else i love is this: the annual white elephant holiday party with my friends! it’s happening on saturday and i am thoroughly stoked. (of note: parties and i are not best friends, but this one? so good.) i will be there wearing a new dress. (don’t ask where i got it, ok?) i’ll be bringing bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese. it’s that sort of party… over the top. it’s the sort of party that mentions amy’s homemade eggnog and the phone number for radio cab in the same sentence. the other thing about the party is the gifts. the whole premise is that the gift we bring must be coveted by someone. competition is fierce; rules are complicated and change each year, depending on who is hosting. i am very excited about the thing i’m bringing, in that box up there. you’ll find out what it is soon enough. think of that box (and the envelope) as a sneak peek into something totally awesome. and then just wait. it’ll feel like christmas when you see what’s in there. you just might fall in love. i think you will.

what are up your sleeves for this weekend? how will you steep it in wonderful?


ps. julie asked about how white elephants work, so i wrote up a totally long-winded answer in the comments area, if you’re curious and want to become the coolest party host ever. ha.


2 thoughts on “tangential holiday-themed rambling.

  1. Bummer…I thought you were going to link us directly to your stylish outfit! Consider yourself lucky that you have one of those stores to fall back on…all I have here is Le Chateau:( Looking forward to hearing and seeing more bout your white elephant party.What exactly goes on at one of those? I need some new party themes…lots of house parties here! Julie

    • oh, my… white elephants are fun… everyone brings a wrapped gift and secretly puts it by the front door so nobody knows who brought what. we never, ever divulge that, even years later. the hosts rotate every year and are responsible for the main course and sides, everyone else brings appetizers and desserts. always sort of a gorge-fest. once everyone has had some cocktails and food, we start in on the gifts. (parameters vary, but we max it out at $25, and encourage funny/ handmade/ covet-worthy things that won’t end up in a goodwill pile… past items have included boxes of homemade canned goods, a rotating neon virgin mary statue, a sapling, infused liquor, and some quality “adult” gear.) everyone draws a number out of a hat, and number 1 picks first. (the highest number is the best to draw, i’ll explain in a minute). so, whoever picks #1 gets to open whichever present they desire. this is where creative wrapping comes in handy. they might like it and they might not. too bad! if it’s a hot item, they probably won’t hold onto it too long… because #2 can choose to either take #1’s gift, or open a new one. we usually have about 20 people and this can take a super long time, and also can get out of hand, so we usually have a rule that any gift can only change hands three times and whoever gets it on the third hand-off gets it. (but! the hosts of the year get to make the rules, if #2 takes #1’s present, #1 gets to pick another one. but then, of course, #3 can take #1’s or #2’s, or open a new one. everyone does walk out with something. it might sound complicated but it’s pretty straightforward unless or until everyone is too tipsy and then it can get a bit raucous. it’s nice to do this with people you know and love because sometimes someone brings something they know for sure that someone specific will really want, and it adds to the fun to watch people squirm with desire. over the years we’ve figured out that there’s a bit of manipulation/ strategy involved as well as just pure luck. anyway, super long-winded answer but if you’re looking to host a theme-party, this can be a total blast!

      as for the dress, i couldn’t find it on the site, but i’ll post a photo if i get a good one!


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