ten little minutes.

hi loves,

i’m trying to find the quiet when i can these days. my mind is chattery and i’m looking at my calendar and thinking oh, dear, why didn’t i say no a little bit more this month? you might relate to that? or, if you don’t, you might be a zen master who is great with boundaries (teach me your secrets please).

so sitting down for ten minutes like i’m doing now, this is helping. but it doesn’t make for great entertainment on your end, i’m afraid.

i did some ironing the other day, how’s that? not entertaining, either, unfortunately. but that is all i’ve got. more action than reflection around here lately, and that cycle needs to ebb on out, i’d say. tomorrow, i’m going to give myself a present: i’ll sit down and write for an hour. i think i can make that happen. yes, it can, if i stand up right now and go and do my life tonight.





4 thoughts on “ten little minutes.

  1. I can relate. But… ironing is SO satisfying. At least, to me. Here is this crumpled, limp mess and PRESTO! A crisp, flat, pretty blouse or tablecloth or hankie. Plus, you start with something clean and make it better. So much more nice than laundry or dishes.

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