one very good weekend.

the man and i went on several dates this weekend, and it was so nice to take that time for ourselves and slow down and hang out. we needed it. we: got takeout/ watched a screening of the 1920’s silent horror film the unknown at the hollywood theater, while an electronic band performed the score they’d written for it (totally bonkers amazing!!!) / played darts at a party/ drove out to the end of a dirt road in the country to buy an electric guitar/ made a campfire in the backyard/ went thrifting at the goodwill bins.

i found three major special items and spent seven little dollars.

herve chapelier tote bag. it is super simple & attractive & well-made, bigtime score!

vintage wool blanket. i have a bit of a blanket collecting problem, i’m afraid… but i love the way a stack of blankets warm up a corner in the house, and i throw them over the backs of chairs & my feet at night, and wrap my friends in them around our campfires, and thusly justify my compulsion. no, i can’t turn down a wool blanket as pretty as this one, even though it might have been revoltingly dirty when i found it. nothing a couple of hot runs through the washer and dryer didn’t take care of. (i hoped it wouldn’t felt too much and get ruined in the wash, but took my chances.) i love you, new blanket!

what else i love is this desk chair. and when i say love, i’m talking love-love. i’m not kidding when i tell you that i have been dreaming of a chair just like this one, for a long time. i haven’t ever had a functional chair at my little work table, and was waiting and waiting and waiting, and then bang, it appeared! (nice bonus: a small plaque on the back that says “property of spacelabs.”) thanks, thrifting deities, merry christmas to me!

if three special things would show up in your life, and all you had to trade for them was seven dollars, what would those things be?



3 thoughts on “one very good weekend.

  1. I guess there is no way you would be interested in trading $21 for that chair? I am also in love….
    It looks like your christmas wishes have been granted. Merry Merry! Julie

  2. 1. Lipperware Blue Danube salt and pepper shaker set
    2. Vintage 1960s miniature plastic Nativity scene
    3. 1958 edition of “The Littlest Snowman” by Charles Tazewell and George De Santis

    All things once loved and lost – and no doubt impossible to find in good condition in a Goodwill bin.

    But a girl can dream.

    All the best to you and yours for a merry holiday season.

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