happy, happy!

howdy, holiday people! i trust you’re all well-laden with festivity and good spirits, and that you’re feeling cuddled into winter on this shortest day of our year. i’m doing my best to lighten up these dark hours where i can…

♥  i bought a pink christmas tree ( i told you i love a little tacky!)

♥ … & pulled out the sweet little ones i made a few years ago.

♥ i took walks in the rain with my little dog.

♥ & said no to some things, & spent time in my favorite place in the world. at home.

♥ i made brownies. these, always, since they’re the best. i promise.

♥ i bought some handmade gifts, and other presents, and made quite a few things myself, because i love my people!!! (i’ll show you some of the projects here, after the opening day, so as not to wreck surprises for any potential recipients who might be reading.)

♥ i wrapped up a beautiful vintage harmonica i found at an estate sale for my boyfriend. then he picked up the box, shook it, and said, you got me a harmonica! …fail.

♥ i turned the lights down and the music up, and i painted my nails. (i should have left the lights on for that part, but at least there was ambiance where there were imperfect lines.)

♥ i also started packing that great love-of-my-life bag again, since i’m leaving tomorrow for new hampshire. i’ll see my dad, and my mama, and two of my best girlfriends in the whole wide world. i can’t wait to kiss their faces! i might even see a little snow. maybe, maybe.

i’ll try to write a post or two while i’m gone, but i might not have a chance… either way, i’ll be back soon to say hello. thanks for being here, sweet ones. i hope your holidays are magical and full of good.

xoxoxoxox, emily


6 thoughts on “happy, happy!

  1. Love what you’ve created in your home, it all looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas planned for you and your loved ones. I hope it’s everything you want it to be and many, many blessings for the year ahead. God Bless, Love Nel xox

    ps… I have my heart garland wrapped around my Christmas wreath and it looks gorgeous! Thanks lovely xo

  2. i’m getting pretty excited for christmas! i’ve made my cookies, made and picked out some little gifts for a few close friends, and we’ve been stuffing our faces at a 3-day potluck at my work. so much celebrating!

  3. Happy Solstice!!!!! and Christmas, etc! Hey that harmonica moment it happens to me almost every Christmas or birthday with Johnny. I even try disguising my gifts and he still guesses, I told him even if he thinks he knows what I got him to keep it to himself and not take the fun out of unwrapping. I love your posts and crafty, creative awesomeness!

    • does, he? i did quite a good job disguising the main gift (in that i hid it in the closet and put an empty decoy box under the tree including instructions on where to look for the real deal. haha, it worked!) miss you guys. love to you both! xoxoxox happy new year!

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