portraits of awesome.

for real, people, for real. i am not messing around here. here’s the thing: portraits of the pets… (!!!!!)

i ordered them from a lovely artist on etsy, and i ♥ them, sosososo much!

i gave several of these away at christmas, too! and someone lucky from that white elephant party is getting one. i’m telling you, on christmas morning, out of all the gifts under the tree, this portrait of my mom’s dog ivy was the biggest winner.

everyone loves them. i mean, how could you not? i think you need a painting of each of your pets, & that you should all tell your friends about this. especially since…

custom portraits of your pets for $20…. what?! yes, it’s true. one of life’s small miracles, if you ask me. almost like stealing, but legal. and welcomed, even!

i found kristina moller, aka greasychickenface, on a blog i happened upon once. [i’ve lost the link, but if that was your blog, major thank-you!] kristina is a magical pixie who lives in toronto and has kids and pets and a serious gift with a paintbrush. she looks at two flat photographs of your dog or cat and then she does some sort of mystical animal telepathic communication and gets to know the soul of your animal, and then she paints it. i think that’s how it goes… i imagine it that way, but i don’t really know.

what i do know is that these paintings make me happy every time i see them. kristina has been kind enough to agree to an interview about her work, so you can meet her tomorrow, right here. and also, i’ll be doing a little giveaway so you can have the chance at one of these amazing portraits for your very ownself. because i like you, yay!

so, see you back here tomorrow, ok? you’ll read the words of ms. greasy chicken face… words like these: when you have a smiling heart, you have smiling art.

indeed. xo


3 thoughts on “portraits of awesome.

    • yes! check out her etsy shop and send her a message there. but why don’t you enter the giveaway and see if you win?! 🙂 i would love to see a portrait of sweet indi. xo

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