pins & needles

hi folks!

while you all wait on pins & needles for me to draw a winner for a lovely kristina moller painting (i’ll be doing that on friday, there’s still time to enter! you should!)… i’m whiling away my hours with pins and needles, too, of the literal sort. i’m mending. i’m knitting. and i’m learning to darn socks. making & mending makes me feel richer than i am. it’s nice. i’ve been thinking so much about that old saying: use up, wear out, make due, go without.

how do you embody those ideals? just curious.

back soon, with some words and stuff. xo.


6 thoughts on “pins & needles

  1. Hi Emily – that’s funny that you bring up that old rhyme; I don’t think I’ve ever seen it written before, and to my ear I have always heard it as “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Close, but it reads very differently when you write it with “due”! Funny how simple things like that can slip by unnoticed until you realize someone else has a completely different take. Nice bit of needlework!

    • cecile, so funny that i never even considered “make it do”… i’ve always heard it as a bit of a lean-times sort of mantra and assumed it was “due” but looked it up and i’m the one who has it wrong 🙂 i actually prefer the make do much better since it has a bit of a more positive spin! thanks for the clarification. sort of like making up weird lyrical substitutions in songs, i guess!

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