wishes and winnings.

hi, lovely people! i wish i could buy all of you a painting.

but, i can’t…. so i drew only one name. it’s kara! (kara is a good old friend of mine who lives here in portland, actually, so that’s cool. i swear, though, the drawing wasn’t rigged. i had a helper, and he closed his eyes, so it was totally legit.) please excuse the bad lighting in these pictures. it’s 5 am.

they say it might snow here in portland this weekend. when it snows here, the city just sort of shuts down and everybody hangs out in their neighborhoods walking around in the streets. we’ll see… if that happens, i’ll be happy about it. i’d like to take a walk in the snow and then park myself beside a fireplace with tea and knitting needles. but either way, with or without snow, i’ll be knitting.  january and knitting: i am into you both.

happy weekend, loves. be safe and good! i’ll be back on monday to show you something adorable, if i do say so myself. not as adorable as that dog of mine, but pretty close.



One thought on “wishes and winnings.

  1. Congratulations to Kara 🙂 I’ve just spend a week on holidays in the sunshine and surf so I can’t imagine the snow but it sounds like a lovely opportunity to be creative and cosy by the fire… enjoy!!

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