grumbling & adorableness.

hi people, i do realize that on friday, i said i’d be back on monday. but i wasn’t. does that mean i lied? i didn’t mean to. but the weekend was busy and strange and then someone sideswiped my truck, hit and run style, on monday. that’s only the third time it’s happened in six months and no i am not exaggerating and yes my truck must be some sort of jerky drunk driver magnet and i mean that literally. so. i didn’t blog on monday because i was too mad about it to write nice things. but, i’m over it! hi! i’m here and i’m trying to be nice. which is sort of easy since you guys are nice, too. so i’m not mad anymore, just annoyed. those are small beans in the big picture, anyway.

i promised you adorable, didn’t i? well, i wouldn’t lie about that. adorable is bigger beans, right? and so, a skull & crossbones baby dress! yes. for some hip, irreverent friends and their soon-to-be baby girl. i can’t wait to see that girl rock this jumper.

i found the pattern— the skull jumper by malia mather– through ravelry. bonus: it’s free! the pattern is super well-written and pretty easy. i did make some minor changes, adding adjustable buttons at the back so the jumper will fit for a couple of years, first as a dress and then a shirt. some notes: if you try this pattern out and are new to colorwork, please do yourselves a favor and check out a tutorial on youtube or something before going for it. if you can knit and purl, you can make this dress, really. also, don’t forget to block it. i rarely block my knitting projects, but the skulls & crossbones will look wonky if you don’t. yarn is jil eaton’s minnow merino. it’s 100% wool, cushy & supersoft & dreamy, and it’s washable! because as adorable as babies are, they do things to their clothes which require washing. ahem.

so there it is. some adorable for your tuesday. hope you’re all doing just swell. xo


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