a symbol for the year.

while it might be the year of the dragon, i’ve got a feeling my power symbol of the year is going to be the egg. they’re showing up everywhere this week, and since i tend to attribute a certain weight to small coincidences, i’m paying attention. whatever it means, i think it’s good news. i got a surprise package in the mail, from a sweet reader of this blog. super-stellar-surprise awesomeness… she sent me garlic from her garden so i can plant it in mine (!) and… a felted egg, made of wool from a local farm in vermont. i just love it

this darning egg turned up at an estate sale the other day. (along with that great wire basket!) i’ve been looking for a wooden darning egg for awhile and am happy to have found one which has seen good use and is infused with a good dose of grandma ju-ju. long live my favorite socks!

i’ve been reading this book, too, about my own eggs, because thirty-five is looming and these realities must be pondered… what i have hatched, am hatching, will hatch in this life. also, the things i just might not. lately, i’ve been feeling like going inside of my own shell, and being still and incubating, gathering up some rest and strength, so that i can hatch a bigger me. we all have times like these, i think. around here, i call it winter. how do you like to incubate your ownself? how do you know when it’s time to push on out?



5 thoughts on “a symbol for the year.

  1. Please, please do a how to post on darning. I’ve got these pointy elbows that just kill my favorite sweaters. I’m just pushing up the sleeves to hide the holes at this point, it’s chic but chilly!

  2. i’ve been staying in my room and tending to things that i feel are necessary, but tonight i went out to be with my friends and had a wonderful time. sometimes, things can wait. even if you have to drive across the city!

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