in january, there are tangelos. (& whiskey.)

in my family, you know you are a grown-up when you start getting honeybell tangelos from uncle chris at christmas. i have been a grown-up for about eight years, according to the tangelo timeline. that’s eight years of sweet, fresh, floridian juiciness in january, right when it’s called for.

when it’s tangelo time, a huge box of them land on my doorstep. then i call my friend sara and tell her i need to borrow the juicer again.

this old dame is one of the most beautiful and effective tools ever to grace my hands, and that’s saying something. every year i think, maybe i’ll buy my own juicer. but then i feel like i want sara’s to come for a visit so we can spend some time together, so i don’t. the juicer and i, we’ve got a tradition going. we have a good working relationship. we like to stand there in the kitchen and squeeze the heck out of some tangelos.

and i’ll tell you, i’m not much of a cocktail girl, but this one? you should try it:

* one good pour of bourbon whiskey

* orange or tangelo juice

* a squeeze of lemon

* a bit of simple syrup, made with honey instead of sugar

stir it up and sit back and sip it slow. take that, january!



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