wool and sunshine.

hi, people. we’ve had sunny skies and warm temperatures  in portland, and it it feels alot like spring. february is my favorite winter month… the camellia is starting to bloom, and instead of darkness on morning dogwalks, the sun is rising. but it’s still chilly enough for a lightweight, lacy scarf.

the pattern, named “les miserables”, is free on ravelry. the instructions are excellent. it’s knit with skinny, fuzzy yarn (i used two skeins of cascade alpaca lace), on too-big needles, and then hand felted. this is the sort of project with just enough of a challenge to keep oneself from going crazy-by-repetition, yet simple enough that you can carry it around and work on it while chatting over tea with a friend.  just right. super duper highly recommended.

one of my favorite knitting projects ever, and that’s no small thing.


:: update ::  a lot of people seem to be checking out this post (via ravelry), and i feel sort of guilty that i haven’t added any helpful hints, so i’ll try. advice: if you’re a perfectionist with your knitting (like i am), this project may offer a perfect opportunity to let some of that go. i spent hours and hours unknitting and then reknitting this scarf while i was getting the rhythm down. unnecessary! it won’t matter, in the end, if your dropped stitches show up at irregular intervals. nobody will notice, and it might, in fact, actually make your finished product look more bohemian/ wabi-sabi/ distressed/ bag lady. which is precisely the look you are going for, no? also, this is quite important: follow the felting instructions exactly. be patient with that part. it’s so fun to watch your garment transform, and if you’re careful while you process it, you will be happier with your finished product. lastly, even though this is a relatively simple design, working with teeny yarn on large needles was kind of awkward (for me at least), and the pre-blocked size is pretty long… so be forewarned, this isn’t a quickie-pie little weekender gig. it will take you a good long time. and in the end it will all be worth it, because you will likely wear this scarf  a whole lot. i know i do. enjoy! xo


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