these days, i am liking:

♥ winter walks in the woods by the river. cold days and sunshine and things blooming.

 downton abbey. i’m a latecomer to the abbey party, but all the better to spend a whole day watching every single episode in a row. yes, liking this bunches.

♥ excellent thrifting wisdom from frecklewonder. part one & part two & part three. yes to every single word.

♥ one little pink crochet hook… getting pretty quick with that sucker. circles… by the hundred.

♥ perusing paint swatches for an upcoming bathroom facelift.

♥ these two, per usual:

♥ airplanes and spring break for teachers: best friend arrival in t-minus 3 days! so ready to see her.

♥ friday night at ground kontrol. coffee and quarters and pinball, and a voodoo donut afterwards. (portland, you’re awesome.)

i hope you’re all liking some things these days, too. follow that stuff, okay? pay attention to what you love, and soak it on up.



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