round two.

so, folks… i have a bit of most excellent news to share. remember when i tried out for wheel of fortune? that was kind of a long time ago, but i got an email yesterday, calling me back for the final round of auditions. how completely awesome and hilarious is that? especially hilarious, i think, because of what happened during my initial interview. picture me, blushing, nervous, on a stage in front of hundreds of other hopeful contestants. it went something (almost exactly) like this:

hi, i’m emily! i live in portland and am a social worker! i also have a private massage practice! i live with my boyfriend and our cat and dog. the pets are totally rad! we walk the cat around the backyard on a leash! in my free time i go thrift shopping! i also love to knit and sew and bake. all that 1950’s housewifey stuff makes me super happy. it’s true!

ummmm… did you catch that? i told them i walk my cat on a leash. which is totally bizarro because i’ve only done that a couple of times. & who says stuff like that, anyway?! i guess i do. but you know what? the audience loved me. because i made them laugh. i should probably add that i was wearing a cardigan at my first audition… a wonkily misbuttoned cardigan. that might’ve caused the laughter. yep.

so anyway, superfun! on thursday, march 1st, i’ll be heading downtown to a high-rise hotel ballroom, looking sharp (wearing what? what do people wear to game show auditions?) hopefully i’ll have a sharp mind that morning, too. but, you know… not too sharp. this isn’t, like, jeopardy or anything. we’ll see. i’ll let you know.



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